About Us

“ We care about making you feel beautiful and your mental health.”

Tijo is the brainchild of Hong Kong-born and bred sisters Tiffany and Jocelyn. 
The brand was born out of a mission to serve and empower people through turbulent times like now. We thought what could be more helpful than to create beautiful well-crafted minimalistic gemstone jewellery pieces that serve as reminders of empowering thoughts all the time! Noticing an increasing number of people suffering mentally around us due to the stressful environment, economy and different personal struggles, we decided to make mental health a key brand focus.

Being born in an era of fast fashion, we also want to bring focus back to conscious living by offering quality jewellery pieces in limited quantity without the luxury mark up. We make sure every dollar you spend with us is worth it and goes to the right hands. Being a socially conscious brand, we also give back to the worldwide community with 5% of profits donated to a select charity bi-annually. 

一對於香港土生土長的姐妹Tiffany和Jocelyn 創辦了高端珠寶首飾品牌 - Tijo Jewellery。我們認為,比起純粹製作精美簡約的時尚珠寶首飾,對Tijo來說- 能透過配戴我們的首飾提醒人們並賦予思想力量有著更大的意義。 留意到我們周遭的人因生活壓力大及負面的環境,致使遭受精神困擾,我們決意以提倡心理健康作為品牌關注的重點。

生於快速時尚的時代,我們希望透過提供數量有限但質量得到保證的珠寶使人們的注意力重新回到有意識的生活中。 作為一個以社會福祉為依歸的品牌,我們每半年將5%的利潤捐贈給選定的慈善機構以回饋社會。

More about the charity we are currently supporting:

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. As we are currently based in Asia, we would like to start improving lives near home, to begin with. This charity also aligns perfectly with our value to empower lives and spread positivity and love regardless of income disparity. We will also donate to other causes throughout the year, so stay tuned to our social media to find out more.

Want to get involved? We welcome your suggestions on which NGO you think we should focus on next, just shoot us an email at tijoteam@tijojewellery.com.


Charities we have supported in the past:





ImpactHK uses a 
holistic approach in addressing the needs of the homeless by providing them with a connection to friends, society and a safe and comfortable home which we as a company really resonated with, especially during this pandemic and turbulent times.