5 Signs You Need A Break

5 Signs You Need A Break

We all feel stressed every now and then. Stress is useful when managed well but do you know when should you take a step back? Here are 5 telltale signs that you really need a proper break from your stressors.

  1. You feel perpetually tired.

    Perpetually Tired
    Do you wake up tired even after an 8-hour or longer sleep? Even worse, this lethargy seems to follow you around throughout the day and you can’t seem to shake it off however hard you try. Weekends don’t sound as exciting anymore as you still feel like you needed a lot of rest to replenish your energy. These might be signs that your body tells you to slow down and take a breather.

  2. What usually brings you joy now doesn’t.

    Feeling Sad While Eating
    You might find it harder to feel happy or you can’t seem to reach the level of happiness compared to before. The activity or place that usually brings you joy don’t lift your mood much now as your mind can’t help but drift back to your issues. These are all signs that you probably should take some time off to let your mind get some real rest.

  3. You are always on edge.

    Mad Panda
    Do you find yourself losing your cool over the most trivial things that don’t usually bother you? You might be burned out when you find yourself throwing a temper over those things at your family, partner or even friends. This is a sign that your stress level has triggered your body’s fight-or-flight mode, thinking that it is under threat.

  4. You always lose your appetite.

    Not hungry

    Do you find yourself losing appetite on an empty stomach, even with your favourite food? This is your body sending a serious alarm that you need to take a step back from work or other stressors.

  5. Neck and back pain is part of your everyday life

    Body Aches

    Your body is always honest. When you are under too much stress, your muscles will tense up to protect themselves from getting hurt. So if you always have neck and shoulder pain, and your backache is bothering you all the time, you will need to find some relaxation methods that help soothe them and prevent it from turning into a chronic condition.


Stress can serve as a useful motivator for you to overcome challenges and reach goals. However, not knowing when to give yourself a break could lead to detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. Not only that, but your resulting behaviour also negatively affects people around you. Learn how to destress in 3 steps on the spot in our upcoming blog. A healthy mind and body can support you to enjoy more joy and beauty in life! Prioritize your health starting now!

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