Jewellery Care

We want to help you ensure that your jewellery remains as flawless and beautiful as the day you purchased it. That means keeping it clean, protecting it, and keeping it safe. The good news is, that’s all much easier than you might think! Here are some essential do’s and don’ts for cleaning and caring for your new piece of fine jewellery:

- DO'S -

1. Your beloved jewellery should be stored in a cool, dry place as warmth and humidity can be damaging to precious stones when not in use. Placing them in a jewellery box or the jewellery pouch which comes with your order are some of the good options.
2. Rinse your jewellery regularly in tepid water and then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. This will help to loosen and remove any buildup of dirt and debris: A baby toothbrush would be perfect for this.

3. Check your jewellery piece before you wash it. Any loose stones or fittings should be repaired before cleaning.

4. Allow your jewellery to dry completely before you store it: patience is a virtue here! Reducing the moisture surrounding your piece before you store it will protect it from any damage.

5. Keep your precious jewels away from perfume. Whilst your favourite perfume might smell fantastic, it also contains chemicals that will react with the precious materials, causing them to tarnish. Our advice is to allow your perfume to dry for 10 mins before you pop your jewellery on.

6. Remove all of your jewellery before stepping into the shower and your rings before washing hands. Much like perfume, the chemicals in soap will cause your jewellery to lose its lustre over time. For the same reason hand cream, body lotion and other creams should be applied without your jewellery on.

7. Take your jewellery off when you go to sleep.

8. Visit a trusted jeweller if you still need help with cleaning your favourite pieces: after all, they are too important not to be taken care of!

- DON'TS -

1. Never soak stone embellished jewellery in water: this can become trapped inside the setting and discolour the stone. Instead, wipe the jewel with a soap and water solution, and then dry it thoroughly.

2. Never use a cleaner that contains bleach. It will permanently discolour any gold elements of your jewellery, ruining the piece.

3. Don’t swim with your jewellery on, either in the pool or in the ocean. Both chlorine and salt-water will damage your jewellery and leave it looking dull and lifeless.