Why Mental Health?

In today's world, most of us have a busy lifestyle; trying to achieve as much as possible while juggling between work, social life, family and more. These are not possible without healthy mental well-being. Here is where jewellery pieces can come into play to assist you on the daily. 

You are what you wear. 

Jewellery pieces not only spice up your look; it also represents your personality and can serve as a symbol of empowerment. We want you to wear our jewellery pieces feeling extra confident and be reminded of empowering thoughts whenever you are wearing them. For people who believe in the power of natural gemstones like us, can especially harness the power that each unique gemstone emits. 

Besides making use of gemstones and jewellery designs, we also want to provide you with content that supports your mental health and supports your well being. Reading more empowering material often can charge you with positive vibrations and energy, and train your emotional strength to combat with difficult moments. We want to create a community of people who are passionate about promoting self-love and an attitude of service, especially during tough times like this year. By purchasing, you are not only supporting us, the NGOs we are donating to, you are also supporting a movement. The world can always do with more love. We believe that an action, however small, makes a huge difference compounded over time. We hope you can be a part of us! 

 Below are some tips and resources that might be helpful for your mental well-being. It takes all of us to help reduce and ultimately eliminate the stigma around. Enjoy and let’s spread more love to people around us! 

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people lived with a mental health disorder worlwide
percent of HK adults currently suffer from poor mental well-being
percent of mental health sufferers in HK do not seek any form of professional help

5 daily habits to cultivate a more optimistic attitude and mindset 

We would like to share 5 daily habits here that help you maintain a more optimistic attitude and mindset into your busy lifestyle.

  • Keep a gratitude journal

Set aside a few minutes before bedtime to write down 3 things that you are grateful for on that day. It could be anything, from being grateful for the weather, the ability to do something you love, to some positive experience that happened to you. You will find that there is always something good and something to feel thankful for each day. With practice, a gratitude mindset will cement in your life that helps you deal with any rough patches coming your way.

  •  Turn off social media notifications

Social media can be a form of distraction and can also magnify the negative impact of social comparison. Giving yourself some space away from social media can let you stay focus for a longer time and be more productive. Set aside a certain time slot for browsing social media can stop you from endless scrolling through the platforms. 

  •  Make time for yourself, even it’s only 10 minutes, doing things you love and enjoy.

Don’t underestimate giving yourself space to do something that puts a smile on your face. Be it reading a book, creating some art, playing some music, or playing some sports, the only criteria is that you find these activities enjoyable. These moments when you feel most like yourself help you recharge so that you can go further. 

  •  Move your body for at least 10 minutes every day!

 You don’t need to force yourself to do a full-on workout and be disappointed that you fail in achieving. After sitting all day working, you can take a short walk, dance your happy little dance or jump around to your favourite tune - all these works, as long as you don’t just lay there and be a couch potato watching Netflix all night. Your body will thank you later! 

  •  Label your negative thoughts

Point the different self-degrading or demeaning thoughts out! If your thoughts are telling you that you are not worthy, you are not loved; these are simply stories you tell yourself. If your ego is speaking, label them too to reduce their power and impact on you. Always remember that you are already doing the best that you could! 

Why Mental Health? | Tijo Jewellery
Why Mental Health? | Tijo Jewellery

Local and International Mental Health Resources

By getting familiar with the resources and the sphere, we can together help reduce the stigma around mental health and empower ourselves and other people around us.

 Disclaimer: Tijo Jewellery is not affiliated or connected in any way with any of the NGOs or companies below and has not received money to feature them. Resources are provided to readers just as a reference and are listed in no particular order.     

Local Resources (HK) 

Here are some local resources and organization which might be able to support your mental well-being:  

Database on MindHK

Educate yourself on mental health knowledge with the database from MindHK. Participate in their webinars and conferences to get more involved.

Support for People Recovering from Mental Illness - New Life

New life provides support to people recovering from mental illness and their family, and reintegrate them back into society.

Befriending Services from the Samaritans

Samaritans provides befriending services which include hotlines if you want to chat directly with someone for emotional support.

Support for MDW from the Pathfinders

Pathfinders supports children and their migrant domestic worker(MDW) mothers well-being.

Support for Ethnic Minorities with the Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation supports the marginalised ethnic minorities for all ages in our community by providing them with opportunities and involvement.

Find help virtually

There are numerous virtual assitants which could answer your questions on specific mental health topics and mental health support online. Pick one that fits your needs.

International Resources 

Below are some international resources that you might find helpful:

Support Information on Checkpoint

Checkpoint provides a nicely organized list of support information according to different illnesses in different countries.

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Support International provides support to women who suffer emotionally during pregnancy and postpartum worldwide.

Movement Against Suicide - CALM

CALM is a leading movement against suicide in the UK. They provide helplines, raise awareness on the issue by using different campaigns and build supportive communities.

Global Coalition on Youth Mental Health

Being an initiative that focuses on mental health amongst youth internationally, Global Coalition on Youth Mental Health encourages different organizations worldwide to join hands to increase awareness and action.

The World Federation of Mental Health

Since 1948, the World Federation of Mental Health has been serving the international community by promoting mental health awareness and provide support to the community.

Our World in Data on Mental Health

Learn more from the research done in the worldwide mental health spectrum.