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Don't wait for the New Year to make a fresh start!

3 New Habits to Start Building This Easter

Holidays are a good chance for us to get some rest, recharge and spend time doing what we love with the people we love. With more time spent in the comforts of our own home these days, why not try these new experiences and see whether they are suitable for you to adopt into your routine that help you live more productively, with better health and more joy.




Sitting alone with your thoughts might sound scary, but it does wonders! Practising daily helps us reduce stress, brings more clarity and helps us be more mindful. Meditation barely costs you anything; it is suitable for everyone at all stages of life. For beginners, you can use Meditation Apps that are available for free in the App store. Some of our favourites include Calm, Insight Timer, and Headspace. Based on our experience, we recommend starting with 10 minutes a day which makes it easier for you to squeeze time out of a day. If you find it hard to focus, guided meditation may be an option for you. You might still find that your mind wanders a bit after meditating for a while - that is normal and we still do it too! It’s difficult but totally worth it! 

If you prefer taking classes, we would recommend you trying crystal bowl/ singing bowl meditation classes that use sound waves for healing which is extra soothing. Here are a couple of classes you can join this Easter:



Don’t remember when is the last time you picked up a book? We all know how it feels when life gets busy. Go to your nearby bookstore and pick up a book from your favourite genre. Scheduling at least 15 minutes each day to get your eyes off your phone/laptop onto a book can make a huge difference! Reading before bedtime also improves your sleep quality as it keeps you away from extra blue light emitted from your devices. 

No idea what to read? Check out the most popular books rated by other readers here.


3.Go to Nature


Hong Kong is blessed with proximity to nature from the hustle-bustle of city life, let’s make good use of it. Going to nature often also is proved to reduce stress, reduce risks of asthma, allergies, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as boost your mood and mental health. As suggested by Experts, try to go to nature for at least 120 minutes every week to reap the benefits of it long-term; it could be in any form that you prefer. Here are some ideas to experience nature and get some much-needed vitamin D.


Some research shows that it takes approximately 66 days to build a new habit. So, better choose those activities that you find enjoyable and easy to adopt to start with. No point in stressing yourself over missing a new habit for a day or two. Let us know if you tried any of our suggested activities and whether you love them. Don't wait until the new year to start something new. Start now! Happy Easter, everyone!


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