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The Soak (It) Up Collection

The Soak (It) Up Collection is created to inspire you to celebrate life, live more childlike and enjoy the present moment! Our pieces are made with stainless steel which makes them waterproof, sweatproof and hypoallergenic, you won't need to take them off while going about your daily routine and weekend fun times. Rock them from day to night and live every moment consciously; dance a little, smile a little, sweat a little more and soak up more positive vibes around you...Live every moment consciously and enjoy the NOW ♡

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Origin Collection

The Origin Collection is our 14K solid gold range, tracing back to our original design when we started this brand. It is an extension of our 18K collection, offering more gemstone variations to our signature Tijo classic design. It offers timeless sophistication and elegance featuring a classic cabochon oval cut stone as the centrepiece.

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Perla Collection

Our new natural pearl hypoallergenic jewellery collection plated in 14K Gold. It is safe for you all with sensitive skin, without nickel, lead and cadmium.

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Tijo Classic

Tijo Classic Collection is our 18K solid gold range that offers timeless sophistication and elegance, ideal for adding classic appeal to your jewellery collection. The Tijo Classic range was born from a dream to give gemstone jewellery a clean, elegant and chic look to ensure it can be worn for every occasion. The signature dome-shaped gold plates which wrap around the gemstones in several of our favourite pieces from the collection were created as a visual representation of one of the Tijo brand’s core values - to empower each other and lift one another up. 

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Penta 5-Stone

Tijo Penta 5-Stone Collection is another of our 18K solid gold collections that is inspired by the five basic elements of the universe. Featuring fun colours and high-quality stones, the collection offers a unique but subtle pop of personality that you can wear for every occasion. The collection features 5 of our favourite faceted stones: Brazilian Topaz, Brazilian Citrine, Brazilian Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Garnet from Mozambique. Each stone is oval cut to ensure that they sit perfectly alongside each other, allowing the stones to boost your energy from head to toe. Dainty but playful, the collection is perfect for layering. Handpicked with love, we designed this collection for vibrant minimalists in specific who likes to be different.  

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Tijo Triquetra

The three stones in our Tijo Triquetra Collection combined represent ‘past, present and future’, also symbolising ‘friendship, love and fidelity’. We named this exclusive collection ‘Triquetra’, paying tribute to the fundamental elements explored during its creation – air, water and earth, believed to be runes of protection.

We’re ultimately in this world to be fulfilled and have fun, and we wanted our pieces to reflect just that. Incorporating colour into all designs, our classic-cut gemstones remain elegant yet vibrant.

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