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925 Silver

The Meta Sterling Silver Bracelet

The Meta Sterling Silver Bracelet

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  • Rhodium Plated
  • 925 Silver
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made Without Nickel, lead, cadmium
  • Size: 21cm (Adjustable)
  • Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline & Diamonds (Purple) / Topaz, Aquamarine & Diamonds (Blue)

We took inspiration from Nietsche’s three stages of life when designing the Metamorphosis Bracelet. Each stage is significant, unique and beautiful in its way; while they all combine to form a beautiful complete piece called life. Self-actualization is achieved by unburdening oneself from societal expectations and customs, creating your own identity and destiny and finally embodying a free spirit like a child. The transformations are beautiful in themselves and help us create an empowered life.

We chose Amethyst as the main stone for its beautiful and powerful healing powers. It helps balance mood, alleviates negative energy, and improves insomnia. We paired it with pink tourmaline to support healing of the heart; tourmaline is useful in relieving anxiety and stress, bringing more joy and happiness to the wearer. Who doesn’t like some extra diamond bling on their wrists which helps boost creativity and reduce fear?!

Topaz is always one of our favourites for its beautiful healing properties for the mind. It enhances self-confidence and the ability to learn. With the help of aquamarine, they together magnify the power of quieting the mind and boosting courage. Topping it off with diamonds gives mental clarity an extra kick.

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you."
We used Garnet and Rose quartz for those who want to improve their relationships with others and themselves. They bring more passion and intimacy while improving understanding, trust, sincerity and honesty in all relationships.


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