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Tijo Triquetra

Valentina 18K Solid White Gold Garnet Bracelet

Valentina 18K Solid White Gold Garnet Bracelet

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  • Tijo Original
  • Material: Solid 18K White Gold
  • Stones: Garnet
  • Total Carats: 6.5ct.
  • Weight: 4.29g

The three stones in our Tijo Triquetra Collection combined represent ‘past, present and future’, also symbolising ‘friendship, love and fidelity’. We named this exclusive collection ‘Triquetra’, paying tribute to the fundamental elements explored during its creation – air, water and earth, believed to be runes of protection.

We’re ultimately in this world to be fulfilled and have fun, and we wanted our pieces to reflect just that. Incorporating colour into all designs, our classic-cut gemstones remain elegant yet vibrant.

Our Valentina White Gold Bracelet features a stunning 3-squared garnet design, easily paired with an array of different outfits. Valued by many ancient civilisations, garnet is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. Typically used as a healing crystal, garnet helps harness the intense energies of passion, joy and creativity. Its characteristic intense red resembles passionate love, aiding relationships and boosting circulation with its connection to the root chakra. 


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